Start Your Own Think Tank!

Supporting Innovative Approaches to Educationย 

What is a "Think Tank?"

At the Santa Cruz County Office of Education, we created a Distance & Hybrid Learning Think Tank to address the challenges that teachers faced while teaching during a pandemic, and to highlight best practices.ย  Some of the key features of the Think Tank model are that it:ย 

ย Check out these slides if you want to know more! >

CUE Fall 2021: Activate that Hive Mind - Using Think Tanks to Transform Teaching

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started with a Think Tank is easier than you might think! ย  We recommend following this process.

Step One

Pick a 90 minute time block and make a flyer.ย 

Sample Flyer, Flyer Template

Step Two

Send an email to administrators asking them to select & invite participants.ย  Then have participants RSVP.ย 

Sample Invitation Email, Sample RSVP Google Form

Step Three

Make slides and a Jamboard for recording discussion notes.ย  Decide on prompts for the first meeting and make a form for selecting prompts.ย  Assemble facilitators for breakouts, if possible.ย  Make a feedback form.

Sample Slides, Sample Jamboard, Sample Prompt Picking Form, Sample Feedback Form

Step Four

Host your Think Tank!ย  Provide time for feedback, including generating new questions for the next meeting.ย 

Sample Agenda

Step Five


Where Can I Turn for Help?

Are you starting a Think Tank and have some questions or would like some support?ย  We would love to hear from you! Use the contact information below.

For more information, please feel free to contact:
Stephanie SumarnaEdTech & Innovation