Flexible Learning Options

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Welcome to our collection of Flexible Learning Options.ย ย 

Flexible Learning Options include resources such as sub plans, enrichment resources and Independent Study work to be completed at home.ย  These were designed to support educators in the fall of 2021 while they are managing the unexpected absences both of themselves and their students.ย ย 

Please bear in mind, these are just-in-time resources.ย  They are not perfect, and are not a substitute for you and your expertise - but they will work in a pinch!

Before we go any further, help us narrow down the resources for you!ย  What grade level do you teach?

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do now to prepare for unexpected teacher & student absences?ย 

There are some promising practices that we recommend to ensure that your students & staff are prepared.ย  These include getting set up with technology, continuing to use an LMS, utilizing online learning platforms, establishing lines of communication and constructing learning agreements. Read more.ย 

What content-specific resources are recommended by the Santa Cruz COE's curriculum coordinators?

For Content Area Resources, don't forget about the collections available on our Distance Learning Website.ย 

What are some ideas for flexible learning activities that work no matter if students are in person or at home, or for days when there is a sub?ย 

We highly recommend Matt Miller's curated list of "Remote Learning Activities" not just for students who are remote, but for activities to use that require minimal prep while still being able to yield maximum engagement. ย  These would work equally well as low-prep sub plans!ย 

For more information, please feel free to contact:
Stephanie SumarnaEdTech & Innovation Coachssumarna@santacruzcoe.org