Digital Citizenship Week

Digital Citizenship Week |ย  October 16-20, 2023

What is Digital Citizenship?ย 

Digital citizenship refers to the responsible use of technology by anyone who uses computers, the Internet, and digital devices to engage with society on any level.ย 

Lesson Plans & Activities

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Daily Lesson Plans for Digital Citizenship Week

from Common Sense Education

Celebrate Digital Citizenship Week this year by focusing on the social and emotional wellbeing of your students! Each day emphasizes one of the five CASEL competencies for social and emotional learning and its connection to digital life. Make a copy of this template and customize it for your class or school!

Looking to teach beyond just one week? We recommend starting here...ย 

Free Digital Citizenship curriculum for grades K-12

A broader collection of resources for teaching Digital Citizenship

Professional Development

Educator Workshop: News & Media Literacy

Ramp Up to Digital Citizenship Week 2022

In this 60 minute virtual session we will examine how we can support students in identifying credible and trustworthy sources and reflect on their responsibilities as thoughtful media creators and consumers. Leave with resources & lessons in hand to prepare for Digital Citizenship Week October 17-21, 2022.

Common Sense: Professional Development

Common Sense Education has a variety of Professional Development designed to support you in teaching digital citizenship to students of all ages.ย  You can join upcoming events or access all of their past recordings. ย  Two highlights are below, but there are tons more to select from!

Teaching Digital Citizenship

Protecting Student Privacy

Prepare your students for success as digital learners, leaders, and citizens, and create a road map for teaching digital citizenship in your classroom. In this one-hour interactive training, you'll learn the six core concepts of digital citizenship and explore how you can integrate Common Sense's curricular lessons into your classroom. Educators who complete this course will earn a certificate of completion. The training also counts toward earning the Common Sense Educator badge.

Learn why students' online privacy is important and best practices for managing the risk to your students when using technology. In this one-hour interactive training, you'll explore specific tools and methods for assessing the privacy and security of products commonly used in the classroom. Educators who complete this course will earn a certificate of completion. The training also counts toward earning the Common Sense Educator badge.

Sharing with Families

#DigCitWeek Awareness Kit

Digital Citizenship Week:
Awareness Kit

Use this kit from Common Sense Education as a guide for marketing Digital Citizenship Week to your school community.ย  It includes a video on why digital citizenship is important, sample messages for school newsletters & bulletins, and even more!

Family Engagement Activities

Share these family conversation starters to help your students and their families talk meaningfully about their digital lives.ย 

K-2 Packet

3-5 Packet

6-8 Packet

Student Challenge

Student Challenge 2022

Join our conversation!! This year we have posted 4 topics on Flip to get you talking about Digital Citizenship - respond to one or all of them!

Student Challenge 2021

For the Student Challenge we want you to create something that showcases what you've learned about Digital Citizenship and submit your work to the Padlet below.

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